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Halfords HTML e-mail Project

A 6 month long project to help Halfords streamline their email system.

Previously, emails had been built from scratch each time they were required, so we set up a ‘Modular’ system, where they could re-use blocks from a pool of saved blocks to construct the basic layout of each email, and then populate the blocks as necessary with the required content.


The emails were given a lot of dynamic content, such as count-down timers for offers, embedded video, and pricing taken from the main website – this was accomplished with a system called Moveable Ink, which offered a huge range of customisation & personalisation based on a customers preferences and purchasing habits.

The project ran from from a September to the following January, and was able to help create some record setting emails and sales days – Black Friday was a huge success for them that year, when they broke the £1 Million sales barrier for the day!

The project was hugely enjoyable, with some great moments – and also a few scary ones – such as being asked to send an email that went to 1.7 million customers!

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