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VAX web design project

This was a short term project for VAX helping with the redesign of some of their micro sites for their web team – including their Recruitment site.

A fantastic opportunity to work with such a household name.


VAX needed some of their micro-sites redesigning, and asked us to help – they included their recruitment site and some overseas pages too. The project lasted around 4 months, and was a fascinating project to work on – and a first for us, working with such a household name.

It involved working from a brief for each micro-site or group of pages, and then meeting with the teams responsible for each area to discuss their requirements in more detail. Then a series of mock-ups were produced (some of which you see here) before a design was chosen to progress to the final amendment stage and then be built by their web team.

We also did some work in conjunction with the R&D department, to produce some possible layouts for connected devices, quite a few years before this became common place! You can see some of that work in one of our Design portfolio pieces here on the website.

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