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Does your website still reflect what your business does…?

After helping several clients refresh their websites recently, I noticed a common theme appearing:

“Their business had gradually changed since they first built their website – without them noticing, and now their website doesn’t reflect what they do accurately”

How can I tell if my website has stopped accurately reflecting what I do?

Not an easy one to answer surprisingly – You’re probably too close to your business to see it sometimes.

I’d recommend a Website Audit – either one you do yourself, or if you can’t afford the time for that, one done for you by a web developer. This should give you a baseline to decide how much your site and its content has drifted from where your business is now.

Ok, so I’ve realised it has changed – now what?

I’d suggest creating a plan to bring it back in line with your current offering and then getting the resources together to enable you to accomplish that. That could be as little as tweaking a few sections and replacing some images or considerably more work – if the drift away from your business model has become more severe.

Should I do these changes myself?

If you have the skillset to amend your website, and can afford the time – yes, of course.

If you have to spend time learning how to amend your site, it could be more advantageous to delegate the task to a web developer instead of spending a large chunk of time learning the skill, and then not having to use that knowledge again for 12 / 18 months.

Is there a way to avoid me having to do this on a regular basis?

As it happens – yes there is!

If you set up a Care Plan / Maintenance Agreement with your friendly local web developer, they can help you keep the site up to date for a (normally) modest monthly fee.

This can include things such as keeping content fresh and relevant, helping with keeping the site secure, monitoring for downtime and malicious attacks and even creating & uploading Blog posts for you if you don’t have the time to upload them yourself on a regular basis.

And finally…

If your website is feeling a little… neglected, then don’t fret – it’s relative easy to bring it back in to line with your business so it more accurately portrays your company to your site visitors.

If you’d like to find out more about the process and see if it could help you, feel free to book a Free Discovery Call here on the website:

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